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Veterinary digital marketing and social media support

We offer internet marketing and social media services directed to veterinary clinics.

Design, creation and implementation of a responsive clinic website with SEO and tools to monitor activity and improve the operation of the clinic (eg schedule with records, etc.) – valuation based on customer requirements

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The Practical Clinical Skills Course

The course is one-day intensive training. Participants work under the guidance of our teachers and learn on the dog and cat cadavers the following activities necessary to perform the veterinary duties:

  • subcutaneous and intramuscular injections
  • fine needle aspirations
  • CSF collection – lumbar puncture and suboccipital puncture
  • abdominocentesis and thoracocentesis
  • intubation
  • insertion of the orogastric, nasal tube and esophageal tube
  • nasolacrimal canal lavage
  • urinary bladder catheterization (male dog, bitch and male cat)
  • castration and spaying
  • lumpectomy
The Clinical Study Without Secrets

This one covers the day of intensive practice of performing a thorough clinical examination of dogs and cats under the supervision of our instructors. After a short theoretical part, the participants work in threes and examine animals according to the correct standards, making accurate medical notes which will be used in the diagnostic process of the patient or for further additional tests. The training topics include:

  • history taking
  • basic clinical examination
  • learning to auscultate the chest
  • abdominal palpation and lymph node palpation
  • basic orthopedic examination
  • basic neurological examination
  • otoscopic examination
Suturing and Desmurgy

The course is one-day intensive practical training on the basics of surgery necessary for every veterinarian and student. Participants work under the guidance of instructors on dog and cat cadavers, practising suturing skills and dressing. The program includes:

  • applying short and long soft dressings
  • applying splint on the pelvic and thoracic limb
  • dressings on the head and neck area
  • inserting drain into the wound
  • wound management
  • proper holding of surgical instruments
  • basic techniques of surgical suturing
    • continuous and intermittent stitching
    • suturing of the skin layers