2018 – the Year of Dog and Vetnolimits

2018 – the Year of Dog and Vetnolimits

The previous year was really special for us. In November 2017, we were the only Polish company among exhibitors at the London Vet Show. Participation in one of the largest veterinary fairs in the world inspired us to continue intensive work and allowed us to build a network of valuable contacts. We also had the chance to advertise our services directly to the interested parties and talk about the possibilities of cooperation. These types of events are real eye-openers and opportunities to clash your own ideas with what is going on around the world. We can be proud of ourselves!

Thanks to the Furry Vets project (www.furryvets.com), we set a completely new direction for the development of exotic animal medicine. Our conferences and medicine workshops on rabbits, guinea pigs and cytology of small mammals gathered over 450 participants from 18 countries. This year, in October, we plan a course of dentistry and orofacial surgery of rabbits and rodents with dr. Vittorio Capello, who will come to us from Italy to give lectures and wetlabs during a 3-day course. To be up to date – join the event on Facebook.

During the three years of our Medical English for Veterinary Professionals course (www.veterinaryenglish.com) we have already been trusted by nearly 200 students – vet students and doctors. Thanks to learning together and their hard work, many of them went to dream internships and externships or took up professional work in Great Britain and Australia. You can follow their stories on our fanpage, where you will also find a dose of veterinary knowledge in English.

At the beginning of February 2018 in Warsaw took place the world’s first edition of the author’s training “Social Media in Veterinary Medicine”. During two days of intensive learning, we familiarized our participants with the secrets of Facebook, Instagram, blogging and building the image of a veterinary clinic on the Internet. The meeting was full of discussions and exchanges of experiences, and it was also an opportunity to verify their state of knowledge of social media. We have created this training for vets, technicians, nurses, clinic managers, receptionists and all those who are responsible for communicating content from the life of a veterinary clinic. We are convinced that we met the expectations of the listeners and each of them found what they were looking for in the course. This can be testified by the “social media” successes that our clients posted in the group forum, where we share our experiences and offer support in online activities.

During the last two years, we have trained almost 200 students and graduates during our author’s courses “Practical Course of Clinical Skills”, “Clinical Study without Secrets” and “Suturing and Desmurgy”. Thanks to an individual, practical approach focused on the greatest possible involvement of students, they were able to learn the most important skills necessary to perform the veterinary duties. Our three courses have adopted the joint name of Vetnolimits Academy and we will announce the next edition and the new venue soon.

This year, new team members joined us –  Aleksandra Mądry DVM and Jacek Mądry – psychotherapist and psychologist. Thanks to our joint forces, various specializations and extensive professional experience, we are able to offer you completely new services. One of our main directions for 2018 will be Wellness. We want to focus on professional and life satisfaction of veterinary surgeons, familiarize them with techniques of coping with stress, help in self-analysis of stress and burnout levels. We want to create a space for dialogue on these difficult topics that have not been discussed in the public space so far. Thanks to the support of our consultants, during seminars we want to give doctors the chance to share their own experiences in a friendly atmosphere. The topics of the meetings will be devoted to euthanasia and passing on bad news, compassion fatigue, communication in stress with a difficult and demanding client. More in the Wellness project tab.

We are extremely pleased with how our company is growing. The end of last year helped us spread our wings and we took a very fast course, which leads us to new, but very interesting waters. They are behind us – a great team full of people from various industries and with varied experience. It is extremely important to be able to rely on yourself and know that everyone gives their best, their 200% and we get the best quality outcome. We also have experience from two different fields – Polish and foreign market. Work abroad and networking opens our eyes to new solutions that we implement and communicate to our clients. What you find on this site and in our portfolio are the highest quality services delivered with international standards. Write, comment and see you at our events.

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