Are you the owner of or a manager at a veterinary clinic? Or maybe you are the one responsible for creating the company’s image online and in the social media? We are going to teach you how to effectively use social media in your veterinary business and how to communicate with a difficult customer.

Register for our first training in social media in veterinary medicine in the form of a two-day practical workshop, which is going to take place in Warsaw on February 3rd – 4th, 2018. The course is held in Polish.

Are you interested in the course in other date? Do you want us to organise UK edition? Leave your e-mail down here and we will get back to you. 

During the training:

  • Creating an interesting for animal owners content and blogging,
  • Facebook as a channel of communication with the customer,
  • Attractive form: photos, videos, infographics, Instagram,
  • Building the position of the opinion leader in the field of animal health.

Detailed programme of The First Edition of the training:

Saturday Sunday
Registration and reception
Content management – calendar
Contests – interest in the content and the work of the clinic
The conditions of publication of photographs of the patients
Introduction of the lecturers and participants
Determining the level of knowledge of the participants
An explanation of the objectives of the training programme
Facebook as a channel of communication with the client
Effective communication through Messenger
Difficult questions
Redirection of communication channel to the phone call
The impact of social media on business development in the veterinary medicine
Target groups – customers of veterinary clinics and how to reach them?
List of the most popular social media and their description
The differences and similarities between social media
Evaluation on Facebook, “stars”
How to deal with negative comment/review?
Online trolling
Complaints, dealing with a difficult client
The specificity of blogging – why is it worth it?
What to write about? Topics interesting for the clients of the clinic
How should the note look like – layout, length, content
Coffee break
Coffee break
Analysis of the effectiveness of current activity
The reach of posts
Writing of a post for the website/FB fanpage
Individual assistance to the participants
Text editing
The essence of connecting website with FB fanpage
Instagram – not just for teens
Company’s vs. private profile
What interesting is going on by us?
Instagram Story – what are the benefits?
#hashtags – enhancing the reach, effective communication
Strategies for acquiring new active followers
Support of the activity on Instagram
Explore – is the content interesting for us?
The specificity, statistics
Making the content of your blog/post attractive, part I – photos
The basics of photography
Cropping and image processing
Size, resolution, white balance, lighting, contrast and filters
Lunch break
Lunch break
Revision on photography – shooting and editing on Instagram
The differences in the form of photos on Instagram
Creating your own post on Instagram
The idea of geotagging
An overview of the participants’ posts
Making the content of your blog/post attractive, part II – video
The basics of recording movies
Processing and editing of the videos
Uploading the video on your own YouTube channel
Use of the link to the video on the website/FB fanpage
An overview of the interesting cases from Facebook – posts, fanpages
An overview of the activities of the competition – analysis of the cases
Sharing the content on Facebook – when, how, hours of posting etc.
Were the previous activities effective?
What does the competition do?
What is my target market and what content are they interested in?
How can you make the message even more effective?
An overview of the interesting cases from Facebook – posts, fanpages
An overview of the activities of the competition – analysis of the cases
Coffee break
Coffee break
Infographics – a great way to present data/research etc.
Canva – create your own board – 3 different examples
Examples of digital influencers in veterinary medicine
Discussion on interesting cases
Optimisation of the content in social media
Which social media to choose and how to connect them together?
A summary of the day’s work
Additional questions
A summary of the day’s work
Additional questions


Natalia Strokowska – doctor of veterinary medicine and a social media addict with international experience gained on five continents. Runs the most popular in Poland personal veterinary themed account on Instagram @vetnolimits.

Wojciech Perchuć – sociologist and digital marketing specialist. Years of experience in dealing with the monitoring and analysis of traffic and behavior on the Internet. Works with American start-ups, creates analysis for them, advises on how to be visible online and how to reach more customers.


In the future we plan to organise the Second Edition of the training, which will cover:

  • Employer Branding of the veterinary clinic,
  • LinkedIn as a consistent business card of the clinic and staff,
  • Google Analytics as a tool for monitoring of the traffic on the website,
  • Advertising in Social Media-Facebook Ads and AdWords.

Do you have any questions? Write an e-mail at:

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